Book Review: Sawaal Hi Jawaab Hai by Allen Peace

You must have read many Books on Sale, however, I suggest you to read this book ‘Sawaal Hi Jawaab Hai’ by Allen Peace. This book influences those persons, who are not good in selling. This book also inspires the Network Marketers, by using the techniques given in this book, they can communicate even with strangers and convince them for their products. For the Network Marketers, this book is a Bible, this book is like Bhagwat Gita for them.

For English Version, you may click this link Questions are the Answers by Allen Peace

For Hindi Version, the Link is Sawaal Sawal Hi Jawab Hain By Allen Pease 

I suggest the Network marketers, to print their Visiting Cards, with one side, their Names, phone Numbers, email Address and other contact info AND on the other side, it must be written:

What do you want in your life ??

  1. Extra Income
  2. Financial Freedom
  3. Self-Employment
  4. Ample of Free Time
  5. Personal Growth
  6. Help others
  7. Meeting New People
  8. Retirement

Whenever sit with a colleague, relative or a stranger; show this side of the card. And ask him to choose.

Through this, you are actually melting the ice ie. communication started. Ask him to choose one out of these 8, as the top priority in his/her life. With this you are actually, Discovering the right button. Here, comes your turn. Ask these 5 Golden Questions from your prospective Customer:

  1. What is your first priority?
  2. Why did you choose this?
  3. Why is this important to you?
  4. If by chance you didn’t get this, what will be your consequence?
  5. Why are you worried from these results?

By gathering the answers of these 5 questions, you are actually ‘Pressing the right button’. Next Step is ‘Final the Deal’.

In every sale, these are the jinx or the barriers as people are hesitant and not able to find ways how to communicate. Use the above Priority List Card by giving him 8 options and then ask your 5 Golden questions, it will always end up in finalizing the deal.

During the conversation, bridge building technique, Long Trailing fillers are very important. These prompt a less speaking person to communicate more eg meannnns, as aaaaan, andddddd with head node and chin.

Also, take help of pen or any object to convince one to look into your eyes. Chemistry setting through Shadowing or mirror posture and to check one person’s interest through body language.

If you want to read in detail about these techniques and body language, please add this book in your Library.


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