Bill Board makes it Right for Lauv & BTS_twt

Bill Board Makes it Right for Lauv & BTS_twt

BTS may be teaming up with American singer Lauv for a new remix!

On October 17, Korean news outlet OSEN reported that BTS planned to release a special remix of their song “Make It Right” featuring Lauv the next day. Lauv also seemed to hint at the possibility of such a collaboration on Twitter, posting an old photo that he had taken with the group earlier this year—albeit edited so that his shirt would match those of the BTS members—and writing, “Did I finally makeitright?”

Bill Board makes it Right for Lauv & BTS_twt
Bill Board makes it Right for Lauv & BTS_twt

The singer-songwriter, Lauv previously showed his love for the group by attending their concert at London’s Wembley Stadium in June, then posting the photos he’d taken with them backstage and writing, “I am a big fan of BTS’ ‘Make It Right’, would love to work with them. Love u.”

Later that morning, Big Hit Entertainment responded to the report by stating, “We are releasing our official content according to schedule. We cannot confirm any specifics.”

BTS previously released “Make It Right” as a B-side on their mini album “Map of the Soul: Persona” in April. Despite the song not being a title track, it climbed as high as No. 95 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart earlier this year.

Big Hit Entertainment said that it is difficult to confirm the collaboration between the group BTS and the American singer Lauv. Big Hit said in an inquiry about BTS and LOVE’s collaboration news on October 17, “The official content is released on schedule and cannot be confirmed separately.”

Laub recently posted a photo with BTS on his personal SNS with the words “did I finally make it right?” It was speculated that the fans would collaborate to launch a new version of ‘Make it Right’. This song is included in the album released by BTS in April.

According to the Korean publication, OSEN, the “Make It Right” remix by BTS and Lauv is set to be released on Friday, Oct. 18. However, the article didn’t specify any more details in regards to the potential collaboration. That said, fans might remember when Lauv tweeted at the BTS members — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — and asked them to collaborate. “@BTS_twt lets make a song,” the “I Like Me Better” artist wrote on Twitter back in April 2019.

Months later, Lauv and BTS met backstage at the K-pop group’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at Wembley Stadium in London on June 2. “Thx 4 Comin’ @lauvsongs @hellohonne,” the BTS account captioned a photo from the meetup.

Lauv: Make It Right
Lauv: Make It Right

According to an exclusive report on October 17, BTS will be partnering up with American singer Lauv for a remix version of “Make It Right“.

Released back in April of this year as a part of BTS’s ‘Map of the Soul: Persona‘, “Make It Right” previously garnered attention by entering Billboard‘s ‘Hot 100’ chart at #95. Ed Sheeran is known to have participated in composing the track.

The remix version of “Make It Right” will reportedly drop worldwide this October 18. Earlier today, Lauv also hinted at the collaboration via his SNS, writing, “Did I finally #makeitright?”

Are you excited to potentially see BTS and Lauv collaborate on a remix of “Make It Right”? Tell in the comment section.

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