Book Review: Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

Hello Friends, Suppose you need to eat a frog, Which time you will choose to eat? Brian Tracy in his book “Eat that Frog’ says that you should do this task in the morning. Here, ‘Eat that Frog’ means an important task which you have to finish on top priority. It’s mostly that task which you procrastinate. That task which you think that I will do it tomorrow or day after or on the weekend….

It is quite similar to watching a big frog. You know you have to eat it but not now. May be later… It only increases stress and tension and hampers our other tasks.

The reason to perform that uphill task in the morning is because Will Power is strongest in the morning and it deteriorates as the day progresses and least at night time.

You must have noticed that if you complete a bigger task, it boosts your morale to perform other tasks as well. It happens because after completion of a major task, our brain releases ENDROPHIN which gives us a natural High and we feel positive. If we start eating a frog daily, it will bring ‘Positive Addiction in our Habit. It will raise our self Esteem and Confidence.

Now, How to manage time?

If most of the time, you find yourself doing the things at 11th Hour or your pet dialogue is “Oh Shit… I don’t have the time”. It means you need time management.

Time management brings clarity of your tasks and prioritizing the work. Once your target is set and clarity in your goal, your 30% battle is won.

For this, the Author asks us to follow 7 Step Procedure, which is:

1.Decide exactly what you want.
2.Think and Write on Paper.
3.Make Deadlines.
4.Make A list of all the tasks.
5.Organize the tasks and plan accordingly.
6.Take Action on your Plan.
7.Resolve yourself to do things Every day that moves you towards your Goals.

Plan every day in Advance and remember 6P Formula. (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance).

How to take Actions/ How to Eat Frog?

Prepare 4 Lists. Master List, Monthly List, Weekly List and Daily List. These should be made in Advance others it will lead to procrastination.

When you prepare your Daily List, Remember ABCDE technique. Those tasks, which are very important and with huge consequences will be marked ‘a’. The tasks which are important and with moderate consequences will be marked ‘b’. The Tasks which are good to do and with no consequences will be marked ‘c’. The tasks which can be delegated to others and requires no presence of ours, will be marked ‘d’. Those tasks which can be eliminated but if you want to do them, you can, will be marked ‘e’.

Now, Focus on the tasks with ‘a’ first. These are the Frogs which you need to eat in the morning.
I have discussed only 2 or 3 ways to stop procrastinating and manage the time wisely. In this book, there are 21 ways. If you want to know them all, you can purchase the book from the Link given below:

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