Book Review: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

If you have a dream to become a billionaire, If you want to be happy, If you want to be healthy then you must read this book. ‘The Secret’ from ‘Rhonda Byrne’. In this book, she focuses on Law of Attraction. Whatever you think and put focus on any belief that happens in your life. We attract only those people and situations which have similar vibrations to us. This Universe is a compound of Energy and all energies vibrate at different frequencies. Every man himself is a transmission tower which is broadcasting thoughts. By changing your thoughts, you can change your frequency. Now, you can become altogether a different personality which will attract different people.

Either you accept or deny, BUT this law works.

Why Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer? Why one man loses all his wealth and regains it back in lesser time? Its mainly because they focus on abundance, not the current situation. Law of attraction can also be assumed as Law of Abundant thoughts.

Law of attraction has 3 Steps:
1. Ask ( ‘Clarity of thoughts when asking from Universe’. No Mix Vibrations)
2. Believe (‘Feel like what wanted from Universe, you have achieved’)
3. Receive (‘Happy thoughts as if you have received’)

From your Life Catalog, you can order anything to Universe. You are the decider of the menu. Don’t think like ‘How can it be possible? How can I achieve that much???’
You can achieve as much as you ask from Universe. Have faith and believe that whatever you ask from Universe, will be achieved surely. You must have believe & Receive emotions.
Actions Inspired from ‘Law of Attraction’ are much better than Meditation.

If you want to bring Clarity in your Goals, Visualize it in your dreams. If want to buy a Mercedes by the end of this year, make a posture paste it near to your work area or next to your Bed so that you can see it atleast daily and visualize your dream. Then, these dreams will become the part of your vibration field. OR you can build a vision board as well. A Cardboard where you can pin all those activities which you want to achieve in your life. This Vision Board may differ from a student to a businessman. From a Sports person to Health Conscious man… When a person says we met accidentally and now, we have built an empire together…Its not accidental but their vibrations match and aligned together. Negative Vibrations bring negative vibration and Positive vibrations bring Positive Vibrations.
Many people have used this formula and saw amazing results. Best Eg is Jack Kenfield (Author of the famous book ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’). His income was $8000 per year. He set a target to make it $100,000 per year. How? He pasted a cheque of the same amount on the sealing just above the bed, where he slept. By the end of that year, he made $92,327 which was very close to that amount, which he targeted.

Rich Class have core emotion of Freedom. They think long term, never fear of the situation, don’t waste energy in fault finding but concentrate on finding solution… when you bring these emotions in yourselves, so will start thinking like a Rich Class and will become a rich class.

To know more, and to go in details, please go through the link below for English as well as Hindi Edition:

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