Book Review: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

One of the most inspiring, uplifting and motivating books I have ever read. When one is feeling demotivated, it fills the instant energy in that person. If a person wants to control his emotions, If someone wants to multiply his value manyfolds, If someone wants to laugh at the world, If someone wants to attain success in his life, If someone wants huge wealth, he must read this book The Greatest Salesman in the World . Especially, Chapter 13 is like Cherry on the Cake. If 1 Crore, 40 lakh copies are sold out then this Chapter plays a crucial role. In this Chapter, Og Mandino says that each day, when I awake, I will follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity and failure –

  1. If I feel depressed, I will sing.
  2. If I feel sad, I will laugh.
  3. If I feel ill, I will double my labour.
  4. If I feel fear, I will plunge ahead.
  5. If I feel inferior, I will wear new garments.
  6. If I feel uncertain, I will raise my voice.
  7. If I will feel Poverty, I will think of wealth to come.
  8. If I feel incompetent, I will remember past success.
  9. If I feel insignificant, I will remember my goals.

By following these 9 principles, you will become the master of your emotions.

Og Mandino also writes that if your life is going awesome and you are in top gear, even then you need to follow 8 principles –

  1. If I will become overconfident, I will recall my failures.
  2. If I over-indulge, I will think of past hungers.
  3. If I feel complacent, I will remember my competition.
  4. If I am enjoying my moments of greatness, I will remember my moments of shame.
  5. If I feel all-powerful, I will try to stop the wind.
  6. If I attain great wealth, I will remember a moment of one unfed mouth.
  7. If I become overly proud, I will remember a moment of weakness.
  8. If i feel that I am un-matched, I will look at the stars.

This is only one chapter. There are 18 Chapters, who help in becoming one as a very good salesman. It shows mainly 10 basic rules for effective selling. If you want to learn them all, please go through this link (In Hindi as well as English).

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