The Rise of Home Schooling

The Gap between College Campus and Industrial World is huge.

The study says that only 12% Software Graduates are readily employable and 52% can be employed, but first they need to invest money for their training. And rest 36% Software Graduates are just useless. Either the formal Schooling should be re-structured or better unschool your child and do it yourself.

Let Your Lion Roar Out… Louder

To motivate yourself and your self esteem which gives courage to fight

If you don’t speak in a discussion, or you become blank in team meet, or in a competition, you think that you will not win because your opponent is stronger, If you think that whatever business I will start, it will not succeed and it will subsequent-ally fail… If the answer is Yes, You need to let your Lion roar out… Louder.

Home Schooling… A Pathway to Success

Unschooled Children come up with Innovative Ideas.

Don’t be confined to a closed room and following someone’s directions. Be your boss. The world is your classroom!  Use it!  Track down every resource available.

Plan family vacations that will reinforce what your kids have been learning. Self-Discipline & Innovation make them torch-bearers.