Citizenship Amendment Bill passed in Lok Sabha

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

Citizenship Amendment Bill is proposed in Lok Sabha on 9 December. It is Amendment in Citizenship Act 1955. Refugees from communities like Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Parsi or Sikh came from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh will be eligible for Citizenship of India, If the bill is passed. Before this bill eligibility criterion was 11 years but after this bill is passed refugees will able to get Indian Citizenship in 6 years. The bill was cleared by Union cabinet on 4, December for Parliament and passed by Lok Sabha on 10, December. This bill smoothly passed in Lok Sabha, 311 members voted in the favour of this bill and 88 member were against it. On Wednesday this bill is going to be appeared in Rajya Sabha.

States in Citizenship Amendment BillThe Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, allows to give Indian Citizenship only to Non-Muslims refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, who are living in India without any documentation. The cut-off date for Indian citizenship is December 31, 2014, which means the migrant should have entered India on or before that date. Refugees will also get free from all the legal proceeding against  illegal migration because of this bill.

Motive of Government Behind This bill:

Government says that these minorities are facing ill Treatment in Muslim-Majority Nations. However, this bill does not protect all the religious minorities. So the logic of Govt behind this bill is not consistent. Rohingya Muslims and Hindus face ill treatment in neighbouring Burma, and Hindu and Christian Tamils in neighbouring Sri Lanka. The government responds that Muslims can seek refuge in Islamic nations, but has not answered the other questions.

Amit Shah Speaking on Amendment Bill in Lok SabhaWhat will happen in Rajya Sabha?

6 Hours has been allotted to Rajya Sabha for discussion on this bill, Which is expected to begin at 2 pm. Amit Shah needs 121 votes in the Rajya Sabha to clear the Citizenship Bill and NDA seems to have the exact number of MPs in its support. BJP has 83 members, 7 of BJD, 11 of AIADMK, 3 of Akali Dal, 3 of Shiv Sena, 6 of JDU, 2 of YSR Congress, 1 of LJP, 1 of RPI and 4 nominated Rajya Sabha members. In total, all those supporting the Bill are 121.

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