Is the encounter of Rape Accused is Fine?

Encounter of Rape Victims in Hydrabad or Unnav.. Is it fine?

Priyanka Reddy Hydrabad Case: In a sensational development, all four accused — who were allegedly involved in the gang rape and murder of a veterinary doctor — were gunned down by Cyberabad police in an encounter in the wee hours of Friday at Chatanpally in Mahabubnagar district, where the victim was earlier set ablaze by the accused.

“We have done DNA profiling of the victim and of all the accused and have collected scientific data and evidence. Further, we are collecting data from Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh about the missing and burnt bodies of women. Once the data comes we will analyze it about their involvement. We suspect that the accused were involved in other such cases across these states,” said Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar.

Unnav Case: After hours of fighting, the rape victim from Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district, airlifted to Delhi and admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital after she was set on fire allegedly by five persons, died on Friday night.

Unnav Case Accused“She [the Unnao rape victim] suffered a cardiac arrest at 11:10 pm and we tried to resuscitate her, but she could not survive and at 11:40 pm, she died,” the Sardurjung Hospital spokesperson confirmed.

The 23-year-old woman was admitted to a Lucknow hospital on Thursday with 90 per cent burns and was later airlifted to Delhi for further treatment. The woman was set ablaze by five men, including the two who were accused of raping her in December. She was attacked outside the Sindupur village in Unnao district when she was on her way to a court in Rae Bareli to attend a hearing in rape case.

Encounter of Rape Victims in Hydrabad or Unnav.. Is it fine?

Priyanka Reddy Case.. All accused encountedNow, Rape is Rape. You can’t bring religion in this case. I read some tweets where few intellectuals were found doing candle march on Kathua Case or found shouting on Unnav Case. The reason was in kathua Case rape vitim was a muslim & in Unnav Case, all accused were Hindus like Shubham Trivedi, Shivam Trivedi, Umesh Bajpeyi, Raj Kishor & Hari Shankar. Takhti Pardarshan & strong tweets by Celebrities were evident However, in cases like Dimple Sharma & Veterinary Surgeon Priyanka Reddy case, no such tweets came. because the victim was a hindu…

What kind of wave is flowing in India? You decide an act as dreadful by checking if victim is a hindu or a muslim? The accused is Hindu or a muslim?

Stop playing politics over these sensitive and heinous offence. The victim should get the Justice & the accused should be hanged till death. Only putting them behind bars will not solve the purpose, they will be out on bails and will do this heinous crime again. No pardon for the accused even if he is a minor. If he can do rape, he is not a minor… he should be given severe punishment.

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