Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

Book Review: Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

You must have read many inspirational books so far, however, I suggest you to read this book ‘Magic of Thinking Big’ by Davis J Schwartz. This book motivates those persons, who want to bring J curve in their Life, who want to achieve big success in their Life.

In the beginning, David Schwartz asks the real meaning of success in our prospect. Most of the people have these 8 things in common:

  1. Personal Prosperity.
  2. A Fine Home
  3. New Things
  4. Financial Security
  5. Giving your children – Good Education.
  6. Leadership
  7. Freedom from Worries, Fears & Frustrations.
  8. Self-Respect

Overall, Success means Winning. Nobody wants to enjoy crawling, living as mediocre or failure.

The author says that their are 2 kind of approaches. Amongst these, a person chooses one at a certain point. First Approach can even move a mountain. In this approach, “I am possible, I can” attitude generates Power, Skill & Energy within the soul. And you believe “I can do it” then your mind will start thinking about How to do it.

Second Approach will sink you to the Bottom. In This approach, a person thinks ” Okay – I will give it a try – But I don’t think it will work”. And Friends, Disbelief is a negative trait. When the mind has disbelief, then it starts finding reasons to support it.

If you have doubts, you will fail. If you think about Victory, you will Succeed.

My Case Study: Back in 2013, when I was plodding along, just another guy working for an MNC. I made a decent living by average standards. But it was far from ideal. We were managed to have a home & a four-wheeler but left with no money for those things, which we wanted in our life. My wife din’t complain much. However, it was written all over that she had resigned to her fate. Me too, broken, dis-satisfied & frustrated. Spending whole day at work & half of night in travel, sweating for company & leaving few hours for family; still getting negative responses from your Boss that he is extremely dis-satisfied. On one day, when he scolded me badly, I asked to myself ,”Why I am behaving like a failure? Is this the life, which I dreamed? Is this what I wanted from my Life?”
This thought changed my life and I started my own company and became my own boss.

Lets see how we can generate positive approach 

Take a small piece of paper and write names of 5 people, whom you know for years and who are beyond your current stature in terms of earning & living. These persons can be your brother, brother-in law, sister, sister-in-law, neighbour, uncle.. can be anyone, whom you know for years.

Compare them on grounds of intelligence. Is it really the brain or the education? Any personal habit?

No, Answer is ‘One Quality which puts you below and others ahead of you’ is Taking Initiative. Dugging into myself, digging deeper & found that I was worth very much. Today, lets make 2 promise to ourselves:

  1. No one else is going to believe in me until I believe in myself. 
  2. Believe in yourself & positive things will start happening.

Our Mind is a thought Factory. Whom you will signal, choice is yours.

How to develop the power of Belief

With these three habits, one can generate the power of belief:

  1. Think success NOT failute. In a difficult situation, think ‘I will Win’ NOT ‘I will probably lose’.
  2. Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think. Successful men are like me. They aren’t supermen.
  3. Believe Big. Size of your success is determined by size of your belief. Think big goals & win Big Success.

Cure Youself from Excusitis

Three type of persons are there in the World. These are:

Unsuccessful a fellow who has gone nowhere and has no plan to go anywhere.. He always has handful reasons to explain.

Semi-Successful A Person with mediocre accomplishments. He is very quick in analysing that why they haven’t, why they don’t & Why they will not.

Successful A person, who could also hide behind situations like other mediocres. But he confronted the situations. The person who faces theses situations & beat the time, becomes Successful.

  • Truman could give excuse of ‘No college education’.
  • Roosevelt could hide behind his ‘Lifeless Legs’.
  • Kennedy could say that I am too young to be the President.

Four Most Common Excuses

The journey from Semi-successful to Successful, From dreaming Small to Thinking Big runs on a track of Commitment. 4 Barriers which come in the way are:

  1. My health does not allow me.
  2. Emotionally Induced Illness (EII). According to Dr Schindler, 3 out of 4 people, who are sick right now; would be well if they had learned how to handle emotions.
  3. I would resolve to live until I die.
  4. Whay my relatives and known-ones will say?

How to conquer these Excusitis

  • Age Excusitis Look at your present age positively. Productive age is 20-70 years. If you are 50, still you have 20 years to achieve your big dreams. Stop thinking ‘I should have started this several years ago’.
  • Luck Excusitis Accept the law of Cause & Effect. Take a look at someone’s good luck. You will find preparation, planning & successful thinking AND a vice versa for Bad Luck. Don’t be a wishful thinker. Don’t waste your mentle muscles dreaming of effortless ways to win success. Don’t count on luck for promotion, victory & good things in life.
  • Psychological Excusitis Fear is always Psychological. Worries, Tensions, Embarrassment & Panic are due to mis-managed & negative imaginations.

How to think Big

How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments. Many people think small because there is less competition, then how can they dream for rewarding career?

Ask yourself ” What is my greatest weakness?” Probably, Self-Depreciation ie Selling oneself short. To a question, what is your expeted Salary? Joe writes $15,000 per annum rather than $20,000 per annum because he feels that company will not give that much salary. That is Self Depreciation.

Know your strengths NOT the mental blocks, faults or shortcomings.

How to Measure your True Size

Thinking Big but How Big?? Determine your 5 chief assetts. Invite your well-wishers, your close ones, friends, who will give their honest opinion. Under each assett, write 3 names, can be your friends/relatives, who have achieved large success.

Thats all in this blog. If you want to go deeper in these facts, If you want to know more about Phrases which create negative mind, the prases which create Positive mind, How to add-on values in thinking big, how to develop creative thinking, How to grow the attitude which forward you to success, 2 Step formula when things go wrong, How to turn defeat into Victory…

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