Sumit Sharma As a Leader

Sumit Sharma is a leading brand name in field of digital marketing. He is a successful SEO and SMO strategist. Being the founder of W3developers, he has worked with so many leading brands India Post post office is one of them. He is not only an Entrepreneur. He is one of the best selling authors and motivational speakers. He has written 2 books. “The Rise of Home-Schooling” and “Let your Lion Roar out…Louder”. By writting these books he has motivated the young youth of the world who are deppresed from their life. These books became Amazon’s bestselling. He started his career as an employee in MNC but he wanted to become an entrepreneur so he quit his job and started from nothing. Now he is an Author, Motivational speaker, Trainer and founder of W3developers.

Sumit Sharma As an Author

As an Author Sumit Sharma has given contribution by writing different books. ‘The Rise of Home-Schooling’ is one of his best creation. This book has been placed as Amazon’s bestsellers. In this book, he has challenged the Indian Education System. Main agenda of this book is to change Indian Education System with Home schooling. This book gives the actual insight of Indian Education System. Every parent sholud read this book before sending their children to school. Some of the main features of this book are:

  1. Why do you want to be educated?
  2. Is this Education System apt OR it was imposed on us?
  3. Whatever is taught to us, Do we actually need in real Life?
  4. Which Stream you will choose? Who decides this?
Sumit Sharma As a trainer

With the motto of “Let’s Grow Digitally” he has trained so many trainers and entrepreneurs who were struggling in expanding their businesses. With the vast knowledge of latest SEO techniques and Google updates, Sumit has helped many businessmen in their business expansion. He has conducted numerous workshops across Delhi NCR. With a dream of training in all Metro cities. He has performed seminars in Rohtak ,Bahadurgarh Delhi, Gurgaon, Mahipalpur, Faridabad and Noida. Most of his workshops are performed in 4 stars and 5 star hotels like Piccadily, D2M, Bharat Continental, Sanca International, Rangoli, Muse Sarovar Portico etc.