3 Facts about Corona. Are they myths or accurate?

Today, everyone is in threat of corona. On top of it, the whatsapp university graduates & facebook intellects are spreading information about it. Social media users have started interpreting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new term ‘Janta curfew’ by giving bizarre ‘scientific’ explanations. On March 19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on television to update citizens about the government’s measures to fight Covid-19 and announced a nationwide precautionary curfew for Sunday between 7 am and 9 pm.

PM Modi asked Indians to observe stringent social distancing through self-quarantine for the 14-hour curfew period. Since the briefing, the PM’s new term ‘Janta curfew’ has sparked a buzz on the Internet.

Social media users have started interpreting and explaining PM Modi’s concept of ‘Janta curfew’ in various ways. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are now flooded with a certain ‘scientific explanation’ behind the curfew as to how it will break the chain of transmissions of the deadly coronavirus infection.

Are they accurate or the rumours, lets check some of the points:

Myth 1. There will be spraying of medicines in the air on ‘Janata Curfew’.

Several rumors are circulating after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for ‘Janata curfew’ on 22 March to fight the infection of Corona virus ‘Kovid-19’. The biggest rumor is that the government will spray some medicine in the air that day to prevent the corona virus. No medicines are being sprayed in the air to prevent corona virus.

Myth 2. Clapping destroys corona infection.

Scientifically, it is proven that blowing Shells & clapping can destroy bacteria. It purifies air. However, can it kill corona virus? The answer is No. It is a natural way to sanitize your homes.

Myth 3. PM has said Not to work & stay at home.

Corona virus cases are increasing steadily and now the death toll in India has increased to 6. PM Narendra Modi has tweeted that never forget this – be careful but do not panic! It is not only necessary to stay at home, but also to live in the city / town where you are. Unnecessary trips will not help you or others. Every small effort from us will have a major impact in this time.

PM Modi has said in another tweet that it is time for all of us to listen to the advice given by the doctors and officials, urging those who have been asked to quarantine at home to follow the instructions. This will protect your friends and family along with your safety. Unnecessary trips won’t help you, stay home.

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