7 Principles of Lockdown & Tabligi Jamaat

India is under complete lockdown because of this corona pandemic. PM Narendra Modi announced nation wide lockdown and said that it should be considered as curfew. In his speech he appealed people to keep social distancing in order to fight against Corona outbreak. “Jaan hai toh jahan hai (the world exists only when we live),” he said, recalling a Hindi idiom to stress on the significance of his appeal.
Most of the people respect the decision on lockdown and maintaining distance, but there are some people who are taking it for granted. They are not following the rules of lockdown.

Basic rules of lockdown that everyone should follow:

1. Maintain distance from your friends and relatives for the sake of your own family.
2. Don’t leave the home unless it’s emergency.
3. Go out only for buying needful things.
4. There will be no shortage of necessity goods, so don’t stock things at home.
5. Wear mask when you go out. If mask is not available in the market you can use hanky to cover you face.
6. Use a sanitizer and keep washing your hands regularly.
7. Maintain some basic hygiene around yourself.

Co-operate with medical staff and police:
Mob attacking Doctors at IndoreSome garbage minded people are not cooperating with medical staff and police. At the time of this pandemic doctors and police are behaving like a God and some trash people are keep abusing them and attacking on them. I mean how can you do this. They too are like us, they have family and have responsibilities on them but still they are working for us and sacrificing their health. They deserve respect but people are throwing stones on them, this is a punishable offense. The government has taken strict actions on them.
By seeing this, The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to slap the stringent National Security Act (NSA) against those attacking police officials and medical staff enforcing the lockdown in the state.

The UP government further said that six Tablighi Jamaat members, who misbehaved with medical staff during quarantine at the MMG District Hospital, will also be charged under the NSA.

An incident like Indore wherein the doctors were attacked should not be seen anywhere in the state, for this, government will take whatever action is required by law,”. The state government has said that they are going to take some strict action on people who are attacking on medical staff and police.
This is not a time for spreading hatred. This is the time to stand unite and fight together. Our government are working all day in order to keep us safe, so we should obey their decision.

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