Best Selling Author

Sumit Sharma is a successful businessman, Best-Selling author, and broadcaster with offices in Gurgaon and New Delhi, India. Sumit is a leading Entrepreneur being the CEO of W3Developers Digital, A successful SEO & SMO strategist for some leading names including India Post Office and developed a reputation within Readers as a motivational ‘guru’ through his book ‘Let your Lion Roar out…Louder’ and as a revolutionary author who challenges Indian Education System and should be replaced with Home-Schooling. On this scenario, he has written 2 books ‘The Rise of Home-Schooling’ & ‘Home Schooling – A pathway to Success’.


The ability to “see” places in this way is what makes this author able to create authentic travel stories. He moves the reader by transporting him to a place, and moving him emotionally.

Editor, Adventure Magazine


This author’s books are a treat for lovers of food and travel alike. Seeing the varied and sometimes surreal landscapes of his adventures through his unique voice is captivating. I would recommend all of his books whole heartedly.

Editor, The New York Times


This author has redefined the craft of travel journalism in the digital age. I’ve always been impressed with his ability to become versatile with different story forms, develop a personal brand and collaborate with other writers.