Homeschooling... A Pathway to Success

Homeschooling... A Pathway to Sccess

If You have read our previous book, The Rise of Home Schooling, which was the basic… That Why Home Schooling. This book actually tells that how to do Home Schooling? What are the barriers which can block your mission and how to overcome those… It looks like conversation among 10-12 parents, who have homeschooled their children and what difficulties they are facing. Then, others respond.

It looks like you are alsointeracting with them, while reading. For eg one of the parents ask, “How can i develop critical thinking in my child?”

Then other one responds,” What I believe the root of critical thinking is ‘Observation’. If a child can’t focus on class and looking at some thing outside the window or some weird object. Let him do that. Let him look into what ever he wants. But end of the day ask him ‘what have you observed?’ Understand what is his thought process. Based on his observation we have to expose him to that kind of environment”.

Then another parent intervenes, ” Critical thinking will happen when Critical situations are given to think upon & allow them to create a pathway to have a breakthrough. Than correcting them to be righteous  or proving them  wrong . Or Dictating them what should have been . It’s essential to generate a thought process”. The Author also becomes one of the parent and adds his views,” Teach the standards to your kids, and then interact with them in ways that reinforce the five standards. 5 Ways to Help Kids Think Critically:

  1. Invite them to BE CLEAR by asking for explanations and examples when they don’t understand something.  Let children know it is okay to be confused and ask questions.
  2. Urge kids to BE ACCURATE, to check to see if something is true by researching the facts.
  3. Encourage children to BE RELEVANT by discussing other topics that are pertinent to the discussion or problem at hand.  Help them stay on track by linking related and meaningful information to the question they are trying to answer or the topic they are learning about.
  4. Support your child’s ability to BE LOGICAL.  Help her  see how things fit together.  Question how she came to her conclusions and whether her assumptions are correct.
  5. Set expectations that your child BE FAIR.  Promote empathy in his thinking processes.  Make sure he considers others when drawing conclusions.

This Scenario can be thought as 5 tips for making your home schooled child to think critically.

Likewise, there are many scenarios and the tips to be used in that particular case, these make the reader engaged. For more details, I will suggest to read this book ” Homeschooling… A Pathway to Success” by Sumit Sharma.