Celebrate Festivals in Lockdown period

India is a country with different types of culture and religion. People of India celebrates every festival with joy and chaos. Today on 13th April, India celebrates Baisakhi and Bihu. Let’s know more about these festival.

Baiskhaki is an annual harvest festival that marks the beginning of the Sikh New Year. The festival is celebrated with full of enthusiasm and joy in Punjab and neighbouring states like Haryana. On this auspicious occasion, Gurudwaras are decorated and hold keertans, Sikhs take bath in river or lakes before visiting gurudwara. In some places, nagar kirtan processions and community fairs. People get together, and perform bhangda and gidda on traditional folk songs and dhol. Men show off their gatka skills. They also socialise and share festive foods. Since Punjab is an agrarian state, this day holds special importance as farmers worship gods before cutting crops.

Why we celebrate Baisakhi?
We celebrate this festival because some historical and major events of sikhism that happed in punjab. The significance of Vaishaki as a major Sikh festival marks the birth of the Sikh order started after the persecution and execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur– who did not follow the orders of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and refused to convert to Islam. It triggered the coronation of tenth Guru of Sikhism and historic formation of Khalsa.

On this day Ranjit Singh was proclaimed as Maharaja of the sikh empire in 1801. It is also the day when colonial British empire officials committed the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Celebrations of Vaishaki are organised at the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Bihu: Harvest festivalbof Assam.
It is widely celebrated in Assam and partsof Manipur and Bengal. People of Assam celebrate this festival thrice a year. which signify the distinct cycles of farming – Bhogali/Magh Bihu (January), Bohag/Rongali Bihu (April), and Kongali Bihu (October).

How Bihu is celebrated?
On the day of Bohag Bihu, various delicacies like Mangsho, Chira and Pitha are made. Women, men and children are seen singing, feasting, exchanging gifts, seeking blessings from elders, wearing new clothes, and performing the traditional Bihu dance on this day.

As our country is facing very serious issue of this pandemic corona, we should maintain social distancing while celebrating these festival. As responsible citizens of India everyone should stay home and enjoy this festival with you family. Make some delicious food try new things and explore yourself.

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