Chandrayaan 2 Vikram lander lost contact with Surface

Chandrayaan 2 Lander Vikram lost contact with Surface

Lander Vikram lost contact with ISRO when he was just 2 kilometers from the lunar surface. After this incident, PM Modi talked to ISRO scientists on Saturday morning and encouraged them, saying that you should not be disappointed at all. With the encouragement of ISRO scientists, he made ISRO Chairman K.K. Also hugged Sivan (K. Sivan).

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said on Saturday that there is nothing to be disappointed. Naidu’s ministry tweeted, ‘There is no need to be disappointed. ISRO has only lost contact with the lander, not the hope of 1.3 billion Indians .. ‘The Vice President said that the orbiter is still working with its payload.

After the problems at the last minute of the mission Chandrayaan, at 8 am today, PM Modi while addressing the Chandrayaan 2 Only 2 kmsISRO scientists said that every person associated with this mission was in a different state. There were many questions, they proceed with great success. Suddenly everything stopped appearing, I too have lived that moment with you. PM Modi said that the touch of the moon has increased.

Battling failures is our tradition and culture. PM Modi said that I and the entire country are proud of ISRO scientists. I and the country are with you. PM Modi said that you are the people who spend their whole life to keep Maa Bharti’s head high. PM Modi said that the biggest teacher of knowledge is science and science is not a failure. PM Modi said that even though the last stop of Chandrayaan’s journey has not been as expected, his journey has been spectacular.

There is a clear indication from PM Modi’s talks that the efforts to wave the tricolor on the moon will not be left incomplete. He said that our orbiter is orbiting the moon. Significantly, India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission suffered a setback early Saturday when ISRO lost contact with the lander Vikram just two kilometers before the lunar surface.

ISRO said in an official statement that the Vikram lander was landing and its work was normal until 2.1 km before the target, after which the lander’s contact broke from the center on the ground. The data is being analyzed.

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