Diya & Candles for 9 minutes at 9 pm on 5th April

Our prime Minister Narendra modi has come up with a new strategy in order to tackle corona virus. Today in a video Message he urged the people of county to stand against this pandemic. He appealed the countrymen to switch off the lights at their home on their doorstep or the balcony, light a candle or a diya or a flash on April 5 at 9 pm for nine minutes.

Here are some key points from his video:

If everyone lights one diya each, then we will realize the power of that light. We will able to highlight the objective for which we all are fighting together. I have one request. During this event, no one is supposed to gather. No one should assemble on road. This task should bhi completed from balconies or doorstep.

The country wide lockdown completed nine days today. During this time, the way you people have set an example of discipline and Service was unprecedented.

Do not cross Lakshman rekha of social distancing. Social distancing is not to be broken. The way all of you on March 22 thanked everyone fighting against coronavirus was appreciated across the world. Countries around the world are adopting the concept.

When millions of people are enclosed inside their homes, there must be some who must be asking how can they alone fight this battle against covid 19. 

Friends, this darkness caused by corona epidemic, we need to constantly pursue to reach towards light. On Thursday, he had words with Chief minister of all the states urging them to focus on testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine to minimize the loss of life due to Covid- 19.

India’s total cases surged past the 2000 mark amid fears that the Nizamudin area in Delhi may emerge as the biggest cluster spread in the country. Around 19 deaths so far in the country can be traced the tablighi event held between 1 – 15 March.

In this hard time of this pandemic, we all should know that what should be done and what should not be. Social distancing is the only way to fight with this virus. Some careless people are ruining the efforts of those people who are sacrificing with their daily lifestyle by spending time at home.
It’s a time to cooperate. Stand unite and stay home.

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