Have faith in Indian Judiciary in name of Lord Rama says Modi

Have Faith in Indian Justice System for Lord Rama: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a big statement regarding the construction of Ram temple. He has asked all the people to avoid unnecessary rhetoric in this matter. He said that people should have faith in the justice system of the country for Pramu Ram.

Narendra Modi said, “We are committed to the security of the country, the old governments did not even give the soldiers a bulletproof jacket. Unfortunately, the senior leaders of Congress and NCP are not doing the way they should have behaved”.

Addressing a rally in Nashik, Maharashtra on the occasion of the conclusion of the mahajanadesh yatra, the Prime Minister took a dig at the people making statements on the Ram temple, saying that the Ayodhya case is going on trial in the Supreme Court and at this time many statements are coming. I want to tell all those people that they should only have respect for the justice system of the country.

Mahajanadesh Yatra Nasik Modi speaksPrime Minister Narendra Modi said that for the last 2-3 weeks some loud people (Byan Bahadur & Bad-bole) have been making rhetorical statements and speaking on the Ram temple. He said that when the issue is in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court is taking full time and hearing on the Ram temple, then where are these Byaan Bahadur, why are they obstructing the whole matter, we should trust the Supreme Court, The constitution that Babasaheb Ambedkar has given should be trusted. Prime Minister Modi said that he urged brave people to make statements from the holy land of Nashik that they should pay their respects to the justice system of India by closing their eyes to Lord Ram.

Let us tell you that on September 16, Uddhav Thackeray said that Shiv Sainiks have been asked to be ready to lay the first stone of the Ram temple. Whatever the government is doing, our expectations regarding the construction of Ram temple have increased. It is not right to wait longer on this matter.

“Sharad Pawar finds Pakistan’s administrators welfare”
Modi said, “It is unfortunate that senior leaders of Congress and NCP are not doing the way they should have behaved.” As opposition, they criticize the government, criticize me, it is their right. But talking such things, which become a weapon of propaganda for terrorists, attacks on India based on their statements abroad, there is a need to identify such people. Confusion of the Congress is understandable to me, but even experienced leaders like Sharad Pawar are very sad when they start misrepresenting for some votes. Sharad Pawar ji likes the neighboring country. This is his wish. The ruling administrators there find him welfare. But this entire Maharashtra knows where the factory of terror is. And where do the pictures of atrocities and exploitation come from? ”

Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement came on the very next day of the Supreme Court’s comment, when the Supreme Court has asked to complete the hearing of the Ayodhya issue in a month. The apex court had said during the hearing on Wednesday that it hoped that the hearing on the issue would be completed by October 18. The Chief Justice had also asked for a time of 1 month to write the judgment. It was only after this remark of the Supreme Court that statements of many leaders were revealed in which a step was taken towards the construction of Ram temple.

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