How India will help in making vaccine against Covid 19

How India will play a major role in Corona Vaccine Formation?

Across the world, 18 lacs of people are infected with this COVID-19 and more than 1 lacs death has been reported, but the big question is this how long it will take to make the vaccine, and if the vaccine will be ready how long it will take to make in manufacturing in big level or huge production? 

As per the experts & WHO Guidelines, it goes in 3 faces:

  • 1st is to make vaccine.
  • 2nd is to do all the preparation before the making vaccine in bigger level or take government permission and all and
  • 3rd is start production in huge quantity.

Before 18 years,  First coronavirus has been noted in the world when there 18000 thousand of people were infected and 800 people have died in that pandemic and all the scientists of the world started to make a vaccine for that, but after some time there were few cases so all the scientists and the government stopped the process of making corona vaccine, 
and again in 2012 coronavirus came from the camel to human its call coronavirus middle east respiratory syndrome, and again all the scientists of the world started making the cure of that disease but again the same thing and the same pattern followed by the disease and the people also, the disease was decreasing day by day and organization were stopped making that vaccine, some organization stopped because lac of money and some government stopped by itself but there was one agency they were still working on that vaccine and they made it in 2016.
Again in 2020, all eyes are on that agency because they made at that time they can make now as well hoping for the best. 

Now one more question is also coming from scientists unless we will make the vaccine the coronavirus is changing personality by itself so how will we tackle this dangerous disease, is the only fighting with the disease is human’s own immune system, so many questions are coming. The world cannot wait for these facts and philosophy, currently, in the world 67 organization is working on the way of COVID – 19 vaccine. In India also 5-6 organizations are working on this way at the top there are two organization serum institute and zydus Cadila. 

The Indian government also did a very great job they announced for country lockdown at the right time because of that the current situation of India is not out of control now the infected no in India is 27892 but the situation could have been worse if the decision of lockdown would not have been taken at the right time. The people are also too supportive they are obeying the government order and following all the rules, people are helping these days each other and those people are needy and below poverty, some good human being showing their good gesture towards them they are giving them food all the things of need they are trying to provide them.

Ratan from Ghantel Village Churu (Raj)People are supporting to government another way also like a person for Rajasthan Mr. Ratan has appealed from the organization to do vaccine experiment on him, donated his living body for COVID-19 vaccine trial its very brave decision from him. India providing the medicine hydroxychloroquine that is an anti-malaria drug to so many countries that are desperately suffering from this disease like Italy, America, Spain, and Germany because it reduces the symptoms. India working so smart to make this vaccine asap, we are hoping for the good.

( In the Pic: 38 year old Ratan Swami who has written a letter to Distt Collector Sandesh Naik & RCHO Dr Sunil Chandu that he is ready to donate his body while living. He has expressed his desire to save life of fellow countrymen ). 

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