Is it fine to give Relaxation to Liquor in Red Zone?

The word “relaxation” in Red Zone… What does it mean? Is it opening liquor shops in midst of the Corona pandemic. Is it an overnight decision with no ‘brains’. Also, charging 70% extra tax on liquor & naming it “SPECIAL CORONA FEE.” What’s this going on? Where is social distancing? Were we locked ourselves for 40 days, to get this outcome?

Delhi Government has imposed a ‘Special Corona Fees’ of 70% tax on Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the liquor. The revised prices will reflect from Tuesday across national capital.

Earlier on Monday, 150 state-run liquor shops were opened in Delhi after a gap of 40 days in a bid to boost the government’s depleting coffers, which has been hit hard due to the coronavirus-forced lockdown.

The announcement came after some liquor shops opened in the national capital on Monday after a 40-day nationwide lockdown to combat novel coronavirus outbreak and were closed after they were found flouting social distancing norms.

People destroying social distancing for liquorHowever, soon after the liquor shops opened, the sellers were ordered to shut them since people who gathered outside the outlets did not follow social distancing norms, and the police had to use mild force in some cases to disperse the unruly crowd.

We are amazed to see that only in 9 hours of this relaxation, UP crossed 100 crore.

After 40 days of strict lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) through it fresh guidelines has permitted the government-run liquor shops to open with certain conditions but people across the country were seen flouting the social distancing norms on the very first day of the relaxation. The liquor shops became the most visited places on the first day. About 150 government-run liquor shops were allowed to open in the national capital in accordance with the lockdown norms, while reports from Karnataka stated that the state earned about Rs 45 crore from the liquor sales on the first day.

The Centre had prohibited the sale of liquor in the wake of COVID-19 lockdown on March 24, causing a revenue loss of Rs 30,000 crore for states in the past month and a half.

The ban on liquor sales across the board is hitting the government to the tune of Rs 700 crore a day in terms of loss of revenue, according to industry representatives.

Few days back, people were pleading for help. Some were saying that govt is not helping us in tough time. 500/- per day is not enough for look after of our children. Some Middle class were also saying that we can’t open our shops and we can’t seek for help from Govt bcoz of self respect. But our condition is critical, please open the lockdown.

man fighting for liqour on 1st day of lockdown 3Now, from where these goons came? If they are poor, from where they got money to buy liquor? If they are middle class, are their shops open now? Or they have got bonus from their employer? Or I assume they all to be rich class, standing for 4-5 hours in line, destroying social distancing. Couldn’t they wait for one day or 2. 40 days dry spell, we understand, but what was the hurry, that you wanted to fill your liquor stock in one day?

If govt was so keen for financial crisis, why they locked down all? And if they had to open it, why Liquor first? Liquor is the thing, which transforms a civilized man into lunatic goon? Was it only the money?

If this virus, whose disasterous form has started now, If this virus spreads high, who will be accountable for it?

  • Will it be those labour class, who gathered in numbers at Delhi borders, because they wanted to go back to their states.
  • Will you consider minorities, who were offering prayers for their Gods/ Allah and din’t obey social distancing?
  • Will you point finger to workers and non-residents, assembled at Mumbai Railway Station, to come back?
  • What will be the impact of opening liquor shop in red zone?

After religiously spending 40 days, confined in our houses, we don’t want to make this operation Lockdown, a failure because of this brainless decision of opening liquor shops in red zone. Don’t you think that its like opening a mall or market?


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