New Challan Rates | Traffic Rule Violation will cost 30 times more

New traffic rules have come into force in Delhi from 1 September, 2019. Violation of these will result in double trouble for the owner. You will have to pay atleast 30 times more fine than beforeas comapre to previous rates, you will also have to make rounds of the court to pay these challans.

Actually, the Delhi Transport Department has not yet notified the new provisions. In such a situation, if found violating the traffic rules, the traffic policemen will challan, but will not be able to collect the fine on the spot. In such a situation, people will have to go to court to pay the challan. The Delhi Traffic Police has made full preparations to implement the new rules. 2500 traffic policemen will command on the roads.

According to Delhi Traffic Police officials, a large number of people still do not know about it. Drivers will be made aware of the new rules when there is a protest. For example Now a fine of two thousand for not applying seat belt

Challan in DelhiDelhi Traffic Police Special Commissioner Taj Hassan said that the traffic police is fully prepared. The new rules will help in restoring traffic on the road. People will also avoid repeating the mistake a second time due to the increase in the fine.

Notification after a day or two: Minister
Delhi Government Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot said that the Delhi Government wholeheartedly welcomes the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019, but a notification will be issued in a day or two, keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the people.

Gehlot said that since many years, the amount of challan has changed so much. In such a situation, the notification will be issued after intense discussion with the traffic police and other civic agencies. If the rule breaker refuses to pay on the spot, the police officers will continue to make rounds of the court.

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