Odd Even is back 7 Plans to curb Pollution

Odd Even Back in Delhi – 7 Plans to curb Pollution says Kejriwal

Once again, Odd-Even Rule is going to come into force in the country’s capital Delhi. This time Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has prepared at every level in the fight against pollution. Delhi government will soon bring Aggregator policy (policy of bringing private and government vehicles together) to strengthen public transport system in Delhi, along with Aud-Even. With this, private bus operators will also be able to run their buses in Delhi. This time there is also a plan to rein in Ola-Uber.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced the introduction of this policy. He has said that this policy will be announced soon and it will be notified. With this, people from the private sector will invest money in running luxury buses on a large scale. This will lead to the trend of people driving on private vehicles. App will be made for the movement of these buses. Aggregator is the policy in which private bus operators are promoted.

Giving information about the odd-even scheme, Kejriwal said that it is very important to strengthen the public transport system in Delhi. The Delhi government is working seriously on this. Under this, 4,000 buses will come to Delhi in the next 8-10 months. It will also include one thousand electric buses. At the same time, the route of DTC and cluster buses is being decided afresh in Delhi. Its process has been going on for a year. This will also increase the availability of buses.

Metro 4 to curb pollution
                        Metro 4 to curb pollution

Metro Face 4 is coming in, approval has been received from all over the place. Connectivity is the goal of the government to provide transport facilities outside the colony to the people. For this, it will be approved to drive small electric vehicles on a large scale. In the coming days the old bus stand of entire Delhi will be equipped with modern facilities. Kejriwal said that he is not in favor of ban on any kind of oil (fuel). But he wants more and more other vehicles to be converted into electric vehicles.

Electric policy may be implemented soon

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has indicated that the Electric Vehicle Policy will be notified within a few days. He said a draft policy was put on the website. Those who have seen the draft policy say that it is the best electric vehicle policy in the country.

Hail on Ola-Uber

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, in a press conference held at the Delhi Secretariat, said in response to a question that the Delhi government would put a halt on Ola-Uber during the odd-even. So that these people can not be arbitrary by increasing the fare.

Traffic system improved by increasing fines

On speculation of reducing the heavy fines levied under the new Motor Vehicles Act, Chief Minister Arvad Kejriwal has indicated that the government will not take any hasty steps in this regard. He said that he is monitoring the penalty imposed under the new Motor Vehicles Act. This has improved traffic. If there is a problem with a particular point, you will definitely reduce it.

7 Points to fight against pollution
             7 Points to fight against pollution

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made several big announcements on the issue of environment by holding a press conference on Friday. In this, a total of seven points have been released, including the drive to plant trees, trees and trees. Every year in the month of November, due to burning of straw, there is a problem of smoke, due to which it has been implemented.


The seven points that Arvind Kejriwal has talked about to fight pollution are as follows:

  1. Odd EVEN will be applicable in Delhi from 4 to 15 November. Complete information about this will be released soon.
  2. People will be motivated to plant trees to purify the environment. The person who will plant trees will be given a number from the government and home delivery will be done. (This is named the Tree Challenge.)
  3. Supreme Court orders that firecrackers should be less lit on Diwali, we will appeal to people not to use firecrackers this Diwali.
  4. Delhi government will soon organize a laser show, in which information about pollution / environment will be given.
  5. Environmental Marshals will now be appointed in every ward, who will demand to make the local people aware.
  6. Masks will be distributed to the people by the state government. So that no one can face any problem. Dust will be controlled, burning of waste will also be banned.
  7. Environmental war rooms will be created by the Delhi government, where if anyone complains, then every problem related to the environment will be resolved.

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