Operation lockdown successful or tabligi jamat made it a failure?

These days no rush in the market, no hustling at the hotspot area, the world has been completely changed, reason is only one COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) some philosopher told some years back in the future that the biggest threat will be some kind of virus, it can kill people more than a 3rd world war, but that was only a visualization of the philosopher no one could actually think that it can be true but now in 2020 world is seriously suffering from this disease. Now the situation is horrible worldwide because this disease has killed 109654 these numbers are not good and 1790240 is currently infected, and recovered cases are 409444.
The situation is very bad world wide.

If we will talk about India the numbers are not good but you can say the situation is under control till now, 8504 is the total no of infected in India and deaths are 289 and recovered numbers are 972.

Modi wearing Gamcha at CM Meets onlineThe meeting on 11th April, 2020 of PM Narendra Modi with all the CM of different states almost 90 % states are saying we should increase the days of lockdown, the situation now is good but it can be worst in a jiffy because this thing we have seen already in other countries. when the PM Narendra Modi discussing this thing wearing the gamacha he was giving the message that be careful and always wear the mask , They are still discussing about what to do and how to do it because they have to see the economic situation as well, we can hope for the good.

In India some leaders were misguiding to the Muslim community, they were saying that you just do your all religious work carefully nothing will happen to us this virus can’t infect us but when the government strictly said to them it will increase the numbers you all will gather and do your religious work in the masjid, they said for some days you can do your all religious work from your home but till that time the virus-infected almost all the community of the masjid than they realize we have done a big mistake, now they are saying it is good to be do your all religious work only from the home don’t go outside at least for some days it won’t be good for all.

Nizamuddin markaj Tabligi JamaatThe biggest failure of lockdown in India was observed in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area where thousands had gathered at Markaz building for a religious program. Some had even come from foreign countries. The people have now returned to various states, hence becoming the reason capable enough to spread the infection pan India. One must understand that how the danger of community transmission has not ended for India and hence Tablighi Jamaat has become the epicenter of Coronavirus.

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