Homeschooling A Pathway to Success

Dr Sekhar (laughed): I unschooled him. He is a homeschooler.

I: What? Are you kidding? You mean he didn’t take admission to any school. I think you are the only father who ruthlessly destroyed your child’s future. I can’t do that with Prerna. What our neighbours will say? Our relatives… will make a mockery of my daughter. No no-no.

Dr. Sekhar: I secured my child’s future by unschooling him. I helped him in chasing his dreams. I didn’t want him to be the scapegoat of this pre-historic system. Tell me Subodh, you are an Engineer and you spent 12 years learning history concepts, Where these are used in your daily life? Do I care that Panipat’s 3rd battle was held between whom? Does this really matter that Who was the winner in Plassy War?


I received a call from my daughter’s school. The Principal wanted to meet me personally about Prerna’s future. The next day, I went to her school and the Principal said, “Mr. Subodh! We have tried our best to make her learn. But she is always busy with other useless activities. She can’t even understand alphabets. She is facing difficulty in understanding numeric ‘9’ or the English alphabet ‘P’. Rather she counter-questions why the alphabet ‘E’ is written like inverted numeric ‘3’.

I was failed to understand that even after putting her in the best school in the city, paying a monthly fee of 12,000/- the teachers are not able to tackle the situation?

Many questions were hitting my mind’s corners, somehow, I reached home and the evening tea was in front. My wife said, “You know what Prerna did today! She collected ashes and half-burnt cigarettes from the corner shop ‘Deepak Pan Bhandar’ and converted them into the composed and now, putting it in the Plants. She said that she saw a video on YouTube that how you can clean the environment and use these wastes.

I was surprised as the principal was complaining about her mind but I think that she is a gifted child.


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