Let Your Lion Roar Out Louder

How many of you have faced a similar scenario. When you knew what you had to speak When you know What to do BUT you were not able to. And when that moment passed, later on, you re-collected all the incidents and spoke to yourself that “Ohh! I could confront my point by reminding them of those incidents…”

Even though you have enough potential, courage to fight against all odds but still you take a step, against your personality, against your trait. It is because your Self Esteem is weakened by your own inner critic. We all have an inner critic. It can spur you on to get things done or to do things to gain acceptance from the people in your life. But at the same time, it will drag your self-esteem down. This inner voice whispers or shouts destructive thoughts in your mind.


1st Incident: “Mahesh is working in a Software Company and in the team meeting, he is being targeted and everyone is raising fingers at him. At that moment, his Boss, Mr Rajan bombards 3-4 questions together to check his knowledge and he becomes blank over there. Later on when the meeting ends and Mahesh is relaxing a bit and while sitting on his desk, he summarizes all the incidents and speaks to himself “Ohh! These were just the basic questions, I could answer. But why I became blank there? I could answer to all those pointed fingers but why I could not speak at that time”

2nd Incident: Prateek is returning home late with his Wife and 4-Year-Old daughter. Their Car just narrow escaped to collide with a Motor Bike, which is trying to cross at Red Light. The Annoyed nasty unsocial persons on the Bike, start following them. They are slowing the speed of the Bike and when the Car tries to overtake start hauling and speaking foul language. Prateek tries to change the route but the Bikers are following him. Then, he enters into some unknown society. He waits for half an hour and then starts his journey again. In this way, he gets rid of those nasty bikers. Now, he recollects the incident and thinks “While I was driving, I could ask my Wife to note down the number of Bikes or to ask her to dial 100 numbers? How cum it just oozed from my mind? Rather than hiding in an unknown society, I could ask the Guards to come and I could answer them with my Cricket Bat, lying in my Car Trunk.


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