The Rise of Home Schooling

We don’t want Robots. We no longer need reactive people. We want the persons who work pro-actively. We want the futuristic generation to be creative, innovative, and passionate about their dreams.

The Child should not be evaluated on the basis of the score; he/she got in his/her exams. But we must find out his sweet spots, the area of his interest, and his passion to learn which specific part? What he/she is willing to be; a Scientist, an Artist, a Doctor, an Engineer, a Musician, or a Sportsman? We should motivate our children to cherish their dreams and follow their passions and it should not be ruined under this lackluster framework of this Stone-Aged Education System.


s all was new for Rajveer. As he was good at mugging up the things, hence could score well in Academics. In the name of creativity, they had to deliver a 6-month project for which he got a certificate from one of the nearby companies and deposited a project, easily available at Nehru Place. No Cross-Verification at the time of Project Submission by the University. Despite of 82% aggregate in B.Tech, he was completely raw for Software Industry.

It’s not the story of a single Rajveer. There are many in numbers.

The Gap between College Campus and Industrial World is huge. The study says that only 12% of Software Graduates are readily employable and 52% can be employed, but first they need to invest money for their training. And the rest 36% of Software Graduates are just useless. 

Who is responsible for this huge gap? The answer is Our Education System. Colleges concentrate on 75% Theoretical and 20% Practical and 5% Creative whereas Companies demand some Theoretical but maximum Practical and Yes, Creative. This is the problem.

How to bridge this Gap? The Answer is our Current Education System should be changed. It must be revised.


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