Say No to Plastic, Appeals Modi

Say No to Plastic, Appeals Modi

Today, Use of plastic is increasing day by day. As we all know that plastic is harmful for our environment. Plastic takes Thousands of years to degrade. It is non biodegradable in Nature. Plastic pollute environment in so many ways.

PM Modi on Monday appealed that now it’s time to say good bye to single-use plastic. India had, on the occasion of World Environment Day Last Year, voluntarily pledged to eliminate single use plastic by 2022.

“Government has announced that India would put an end to single-use plastic in coming years. We are committed to development of environment friendly substitutes and also an efficient plastic collection and disposal method” Modi said, addressing an international gathering at an ongoing UN conference
(COP14) on combat desertification.

Reuters quoted the official as saying that plastic bags, cups, plates, small bottles, straws and certain types of sachets are included in it according to the government’s policies. The official said that this ban would be at a broader level, including their prohibition on manufacturing, use and import.

Major Side effects Of Plastic Use4 Major Side-Effects of plastic bags:

  1. Plastic Bags are problem for marine Mammals as well. Floating plastic fools sea turtles, they thought that this floating plastic bag is their favourite food jellyfish. Thousands of animals die every year by swallowing these plastic bags.
  2. Plastics has cancer producing toxic chemicals, which are found in blood and tissues of human.
  3. Plastic spoils Groundwater. Plastic chemicals float in lakes, oceans, ponds and pollute water.
  4. All plastic is not Recyclable


10 Important Tips to avoid plastic:

  • Stop using plastic bags and start using bags made of cloth.
  • Use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.
  • Reuse containers for storing leftovers or shopping in bulk.
  • Pack your lunch in reusable containers and boxes.
  • Buy fresh squeezed juice instead of packed bottled juice.
  • Use matches instead of disposable plastic lighters or invest in a refillable metal lighter.
  • Carry stainless steel mugs for corffee or water.
  • Try not to eat ice cream in plastic containers, Enjoy ice cream cone everytime you want to eat ice cream.
  • Wash clothes with homemade laundry soap and stain removers.
  • Use sunscreen which is plastic free


PM Modi has done so many work for our country and he is doing so well. This mission will get success only if we give our contribution. Hope people will participate in this mission Just like they participated in Swachh Bharat Mission. Let’s start this campaign from our own home. Below are some things which are mandatory to make this mission success.


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