Should Savarkar Be Given Bharat Ratna?

Should Savarkar be given Bharat Ratna?

This is the phase when country is divided into two segments just like at the time of 1947. One segment which does not like Gandhiji (Pro-BJP) & other segment who worships Gandhiji (Pro-Congress). At this time, if a question arrises ‘Should Savarkar be giben Bharat Ratna?’, Its a matter of debate.

BJP-led minds say, “Veer Savarkar was one of the prisoners in Kalapani. Indian Left and Congress joined hands to insult him, falsify his history and look down at the hero of Indian freedom struggle with contempt. His brass memory plaque was thrown out by Congress only to be reinstated by BJP”.

Anti-BJP people say, “BJP is a party who worship the traitors of country. Savarkar tendered six written apologies to britishers & got monthly help by promising them to oppose freedom struggle. After Savarkar, they may give Bharat Ratna to Godse for killing Mahatma Ji”.

Those, who like Savarkar says that he was the one, who wanted Hindutava. So, its obvious that Congress and the other parties, which follow other religions, will not like Sararkar’s ideology.

Veer Savarkar is also known as Vinayak Damodar SavarkarVeer Savarkar was a freedom fighter, politician, lawyer, writer, social reformer and formulator of the Hindutva philosophy. One of the Founder of Hindu Mahasabha Veer Savarkar, earned “Veer” nickname at the age of 12 when he led students against a group of Muslims, who had attacked his village.

We can’t deny the fact that V.D. Savarkar was one of the important persons in Indian Independence. He started GADAR newspaper in USA before first world war as he saw this a opportunity for India to gain independence, Also made GADAR party to raise voice for Indians. Bhagat singh was also inspired by reading Savarkar’s book ‘1857 1st freedom struggle’ and published it as it is. This book was banned by british govt of India.

While in prison, Savarkar wrote the work describing Hindutva, espousing what it means to be a Hindu, and Hindu pride, in which he defined as all the people descended of Hindu culture as being part of Hindutva, including Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs.

Why Gandhi Fans oppose Savarkar & his Ideology:

Standing: Shankar Kistaiya, Gopal Godse, Madanlal Pahwa, Digambar Badge. <br>Sitting: Narayan Apte, Vinayak D. Savarkar, Nathuram Godse, Vishnu Karkare
Standing: Shankar Kistaiya, Gopal Godse, Madanlal Pahwa, Digambar Badge.
Sitting: Narayan Apte, Vinayak D. Savarkar, Nathuram Godse, Vishnu Karkare



Following the assassination of Gandhi on 30 January 1948, police arrested the assassin Nathuram Godse and his alleged accomplices and conspirators. Savarkar, a former president of the Hindu Mahasabha, was arrested on 5 February 1948, from his house in Shivaji Park, and kept under detention in the Arthur Road Prison, Mumbai. He was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and abetment to murder. A day before his arrest, Savarkar in a public written statement, as reported in The Times of India, Mumbai dated 7 February 1948, termed Gandhi’s assassination a fratricidal crime, endangering India’s existence as a nascent nation. Due to lack of evidence, Savarkar was arrested & aquitted under the Preventive Detention Act.

In my words, Bharat Ratna is given to any Indian, who has done un-forgettable contribution towards India’s growth.

We should not see that what Ideology one is following. We must see his intention. If Congress was ruling India for more than 6 Decades, we could see Bharat Ratna to those, who followed Gandhi’s ideology. If a Non-Congress party is ruling, its obvious to see Bharat Ratna to Non-Gandhi Ideology. Why we din’t revolt on giving Bharat ratna to Nelson Mandela?

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